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Dick Johnson Hangover Cure Mask 50ml

Dick Johnson Hangover Cure Mask 50ml
Dick Johnson Hangover Cure Mask 50ml
Always, when we decide to drink alcohol, we avoid thinking about the next day's hangover...  Headache, nausea, total regret for what we've done, fatigue and of course, swollen faces that scream "I took too many shots".
However, fear no more! OK, we're not the kings and queens of the ultimate hangover cure (after all, if we were, we'd have billions), but we do have this little something that will cure your poor, swollen face. 
Introducing the Hangover Cure Mask, with the fantastic combination of caffeine for those tired eyes, but also sea salt to help restoring and revitalizing your puffy features.
How to Use:  Go outside, clear your mind, try to wake up, apply the scrub for 3-5 minutes and rinse… Repeat again the same night!
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