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Ganoderma Woman Kit
-47 % 2-3 Day
Do you want the smartest moisturizing kit for your skin?Then the Ganoderma Woman Kit is what you are looking for!It covers every skin need for hydration, since the rich ingredients from ganoderma, jojoba, hemp, hyaluronic etc. oils  satisfy even the most demanding skins! Ideal for every skin ty..
59.00€ 111.00€
Ex Tax:47.58€
The kit includes 2 SUN ONE 48W polymerization lampsExcellent manufacturing quality professional UV LED polymerization lamp 48W With the advantage of the double wavelength (365 & 405 nm) for direct polymerization in all materials, regardless of the company and the composition of the product. Low..
50.00€ 70.00€
Ex Tax:40.32€
Staleks diamond burr flame red + Ganoderma Eponychion Emollient
-10 % 2-3 Day
Brand: Staleks
The right milling cutter to properly lift the edges.  It helps to properly clean the side folds to achieve the perfect result in your manicure! With the signature of Staleks.Ganoderma Cuticle Remover softens cuticles for better and more effective treatment. It leaves the skin smooth and gently ..
9.00€ 10.00€
Ex Tax:7.26€
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