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29 Oct Roller Προσώπου ή με άλλα λόγια το καλύτερο beauty tool!
06 Jun Μην ξεχνάς την BB σου!
24 Mar Two phase make-up removal!
0 480
Let's learn something "new"! Two-phase make-up removal!You knew that; Remember that? Whatever the answer to the above questions, let's see s..
10 Mar Dandruff or let it snow!
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It's time to talk about dandruff! Do not worry, there is a solution for everything!Very often you confuse it with dry skin, you can click he..
28 Feb Manicure! Sorry is not what you think!
1 590
What if it started millennia ago? What if in the past it showed the social status of man and woman? Nowadays manicure is intertwined with wo..
21 Feb Peeling! Something you forget ..
5 1032
Exfoliation can be done on all parts of the body with the well-known scrub! In this article, however, we will talk about facial exfoliation ..
14 Feb Dry skin, the indiscreet!
11 1579
Indescreet, because she does not care if you are a man or a woman. It is something completely different from dandruff, which we will analyze..
01 Feb Beard? Let's talk about it!
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Do you have a beard, short or long? Do you want to start growing one now? In any case, the following article concerns you!If you want to sta..
01 Feb The benefits of a facial serum!
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Facial serum is a very thin emulsion with active ingredients (such as vitamins and antioxidants). Serums prevent dehydration, wrinkles, redn..
19 Sep Tips for long & healthy hair!!
0 359
Always wanted long and shiny hair, but without the use of extention this was impossible?Then I have good news for you! We asked the experts ..
02 Mar The selection of a nail drill
niki 1 879
How many times have you wondered what kind of drill to choose in order to cover your needs on a daily basis at work? Did you know that the m..
01 Mar Tips for healthy and durable nails!!
niki 0 346
The health and durability of nails depends on a variety of factors that have to do with our diet, hormones as well as the treatment and how ..
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