Let's learn something "new"! Two-phase make-up removal!

You knew that; Remember that? Whatever the answer to the above questions, let's see some things about this "miracle" product!

Two-phase make-up remover is essentially oil in water which is never incorporated, except by shaking the bottle. Removes with simple ease the simple make-up as well as the waterproof, whether it concerns the face, the lips or the neck.

But its great advantage is different. And it is something that many do not know .. It is completely compatible and friendly with all skin types, without causing sensitivities. With two-phase make-up remover, contact lens users do NOT need to remove them before use, as is the case with most make-up remover products!

In addition, in addition to very good cleansing, it also offers the coveted hydration to the skin. It is usually not necessary to rinse off after applying the two-phase make-up remover, although it would be good to use a mild cleansing soap.

Now you know! Now you remember!

Bonus info: Now two-phase make-up remover has been created, which are also antimicrobial, that is, they also protect from air pollution!

Author: Don V