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A&G HYBRID DARK PINK 100g (acrygel)

A&G HYBRID DARK PINK 100g (acrygel)

A&G HYBRID is lighter, stronger and much easier to use than any other nail booster. A&G HYBRID is not acrylic or gel. It is a hybrid system, which combines the best of both materials, acrylic and gel, in a revolutionary system, all in one, which is undeniably better!  A&G HYBRID offers strong and at the same time light nails. It is odorless and doesn't produce much dust!  The A&G HYBRID allows you to work as fast or as slow as you want. Its high viscosity ensures a smooth and perfect application for a very even result without much effort. Polymerization time in a 36w UV lamp - 2 minutes, and in an LED lamp - 1 minute. 100g 

Certified European product approved by the E.O.F

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  • Model: BH-AZ-3903#8/100G

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