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Christmas Gift Set

Christmas Gift Set
2-3 Day
Christmas Gift Set

A magical Christmas gift set that combines luxury, beauty, and love! This beautiful set will provide your loved ones with moments of relaxation and delightful care, creating an atmosphere of festive joy.

The set includes a soy candle aromatic cube-shaped candle with a Christmas scent of pumpkin pie, creating a pleasant ambiance in the space! The exquisite appearance of the candle adds a touch of luxury to your decor.

In addition, the set features a rich and moisturizing creamy shower gel (250ml) with the aroma of macadamia & almond, providing the skin with a silky soft feel. The ultimate relaxation that will transform your daily bath into an experience of abundance!

Finally, the set includes a rich and aromatic bath salt with the delectable scent of melomakarono, turning your everyday bath into a Christmas experience! The combination of sweet aroma and the beneficial properties of the salt will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

With this unique gift set, you create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the holidays with comfort and luxury. It's an adorable way to express your love to your favorite people during this festive season.

*The set is sold in a gift box with Christmas wrapping!

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