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Make-up removing soap with carbon black

Make-up removing soap with carbon black

Black Coconut Charcoal Soap ideal for:

-De-make up

-Deep cleaning, detoxification

-Absorbs toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, pollutants and lipids

- Perfume free

-It has a long duration

  Activated carbon is a fine, odorless, tasteless, black powder, which has been heated in a controlled environment and in a vacuum to obtain a porous surface.

Due to the porous surface, it has a high adsorption capacity, absorbs toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and pollutants and cleans the contact surface in depth.

It has extra cleansing properties, with intense foaming, is produced with skin-friendly materials and contains natural surfactants.

De-make up soap ingredients: Glycerin soap mass, with coconut activated carbon.

50 gr

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