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Gamma Piu X – ERGO clipper
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Brand: Gamma
Professional clipper X-Ergo with magnetic motor 45 mm “Taper” blade in DLC Black Diamond Carbon with high smoothness 3 adjustable levers: 2 for system click or 1 for freestyle 10,000 RPM motor., increased microchip for increased torque and power Easy blade adjustment with zero gap option for razor f..
Ex Tax:169.35€
Brand: Gamma
Gammapiu Zero Assoluto Shaver-Gammapiu Zero Assoluto Shaver is ideal for trimming with "erasures".-With a very thin hypoallergenic gold titanium net without causing irritation.-Double wide stainless steel razors for a perfect even shave. div>-Lithium-Ion batteries.-Charge time 30 minutes.-Continuous..
Ex Tax:68.55€
Brand: Gamma
Professional trimmer ideal for details and finishes. PERFORMANCE: Type: Professional trimmer GAMMA+ ABSOLUTE HITTER CORDLESS TRIMMER The Gamma + Absolute Hitter is a new stylish trimmer with 2 different color options. Suitable removable frame option. Black Diamond Carbon DLC Blade. Spin position. In..
Ex Tax:76.61€
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