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Gamma Piu X – ERGO clipper

Gamma Piu X – ERGO clipper
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Gamma Piu X – ERGO clipper

Professional clipper X-Ergo with magnetic motor

  • 45 mm “Taper” blade in DLC Black Diamond Carbon with high smoothness
  • 3 adjustable levers: 2 for system click or 1 for freestyle
  • 10,000 RPM motor., increased microchip for increased torque and power
  • Easy blade adjustment with zero gap option for razor finish
  • Battery lithium: 120 minutes of autonomy with a quick charge of 105 minutes
  • Tactical support or Stretch blade, to adjust short or long distance.
  • Set of 8 combs with double magnet dimensions 1.5-3-4.5-6-10-13-16-19
  • Cleaning and maintenance set with mini screwdriver for adjustment < /li>
  • The image of the product is purely indicative
TYPEHair Clipper
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  • Model: BH-0102094-1

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