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Gel polish №2580

Gel polish №2580

Gel polish №2580

Gel Polish "Alezori" is a professional series. The application is easy as the regular nail varnish, but it has the gel power. Amazing durability with guaranteed shine up to 4 weeks, without peeling. 15ml.

How to apply:

  - Buffling the entire surface of the nail.

- We clean with Nail Cleaner "Alezori".

- We pass Optimizer.

-We go to Primer.

- Apply a thin layer of Base Coat Soak Off "Alezori". It is polymerized for 2΄ in UV 36W lamp and 30΄΄ in the LED lamp.

- Sprinkle a thin layer of Color Polish Gel "Alezori" and polymerize for 2 'in the UV 36W and 30 "lamp in the LED lamp. If necessary we lay a second layer of Color Polish Gel" Alezori "and polymerize for 2΄ in the UV 36W and 30" lamp and 30 " In the LED lamp.

- Apply a layer of top coat soak off "Alezori" and polymerize for 2΄ in UV 36W and 30 "lamp on the LED lamp. Removed within 5 minutes with a Polish Gel Remover.

Certified European Product Approved by EOF

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