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GEL POLISH NEON 19 (№125) 15ml

GEL POLISH NEON 19 (№125) 15ml


Polish Gel is a high-quality product that will amaze you with its incredible color palette. You'll be delighted by its exceptional pigment, as it facilitates and accelerates the process of creating beautiful manicures, thanks to its composition and fluidity. The combination of colors with our ultra-glossy Top Coats provides you with the opportunity for captivating creations!


  • Intense pigmentation
  • Medium fluidity
  • Applies uniformly
  • High durability and longevity
  • No chipping
  • No peeling

Application Method:      

  1. Begin with the standard preparation process for the natural nail plate (Cleaner, Optimizer, Primer).        
  2. Apply the Rubber Base Medium, Rubber Base Thick, Rubber Base Non Heat of your preference to the nail plate.       
  3. Important! It is recommended to remove the sticky residue from the Rubber Base Non Heat using Cleaner before applying the Polish Gel.       
  4.  Apply 2 thin layers of Polish Gel, with an intermediate polymerization step (60'' under a 48-watt LED lamp). 
  5. Seal the set with a Top Coat.

*mini tips *

For darker colors, extend the polymerization time up to 120''.

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