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 ON-OFF Switch Custom Articulated Arm Bench Clamp Ergonomic Design Lamp up to 40 wattsAvailable in two colors: black, white   ..
Ex Tax:16.94€
Professional tool sanitizing container Includes rack for greater facility..
Ex Tax:8.06€
Sterilization times:            160°C / 60 minutes            180°C / 45 minutes  Temperature Setting up to 250°C  Resistors above & down  Includes two pans and two racks  Extermination of all viruses (AIDS, Hepatitis, F..
Ex Tax:76.61€
ON-OFF Switch Cool Light < /font>Ergonomic design Constant brightness Adjustable lamp angle < /span>Vivid and safe for the eyes light Power: 20 Watt Available in two colors: black, white..
Ex Tax:48.39€
Ultraviolet radiation (UV) instrument sterilization device Suitable for all materials (metal, glass, plastic, etc.) Ergonomic design < li>Suitable for the maintenance of sterile tools Ideal for professional use Lamp power: 8 Watt Sterilization time: 30 – 45 minutes Tool storage drawer Weight: 3 kg..
Ex Tax:44.35€
Timer 10, 30, 60 secOperation with photocellInstant polymerizationDetachable baseTriple length wave (365 + 405 + 610 nm)Ideal also for pedicuresLed lifetime 50,000 hoursPower of the device 48 Watt Operation option at 24 WattsRed light lighting..
Ex Tax:72.58€
Timer 30, 60, 90 secTouch buttonsOperation with photocell  Direct polymerizationRemovable baseTriple wavelength (365 & 405 & 610 nm)Ideal for pedicure too< /li>Led lifetime 50,000 hoursDevice power 48 wattsRed light illuminationDimensions: 200 x 185 x 85 mm..
Ex Tax:88.71€
Operation with current & battery Timer  30, 60, 90, 120 secDirect polymerizationTouch sensorDetachable baseTriple wavelength (365 & 405 + 610 nm)Ideal also for pedicure Led lifetime 50,000 hours1 year warranty  Dimensions: 210 x 200 x 95 mmOperation option at 24 WattsSun light lightin..
Ex Tax:80.65€
 Professional Paraffin Treatment Device  On-Off Switch  Temperature 45°C & 65°C  Device capacity: 3 Lit  Ergonomic construction  Easy to operate  Power: 150 Watt..
Ex Tax:44.35€
Sterilizer of metal tools with quartz  Full protection against all viruses and fungi  ON-OFF switch  Ergonomic design  Light and easy to carry  Maximum temperature 250°C  Power: 100 Watt..
Ex Tax:36.29€
Touch switch3 levels of light intensityErgonomic designAdjustable lamp angleEco-friendly and safe for the vision lightDimensions: 160x110x380 mmLight weight: 0.8 kgAvailable in two colorsDoes not polymerize materials< /li>..
Ex Tax:48.39€
  Ultraviolet (UV) instrument sterilization device  Suitable for all materials (metal, glass, plastic, etc.)  Ergonomic design  Suitable for the maintenance of sterile instruments  Ideal for professional use  Lamp power: 8 Watt  Sterilization time: 30 – 45 minutes&..
Ex Tax:48.39€
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