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PRIMER Acid 15ml

PRIMER Acid 15ml
PRIMER Acid 15ml

Primer Acid by Alezori Products

Basic liquid preparation for natural nails. This is an acid-based primer. This primer penetrates deep into the nail plate, removing its natural oils, thus dehydrating the nail significantly.

*It should be strictly maintained at room temperature (22°C to 25°C), in a shaded area. In case it is exposed to lower temperatures, it may undergo crystallization. Nevertheless, it does not lose its properties!


  • Protects against the formation of microbes, bacteria, and fungal infections.          
  • Assists in the strong adhesion of materials.          
  • Recommended for individuals with excessive sweating.         
  • Application is prohibited for individuals with allergies.    
  • Suitable for any Gel - Acrygel - Acrylic technique.

Application Method

Application of the Optimizer is not required before applying the Primer Acid. Do not polymerize the material; let it dry for two minutes. (Quick methods of primer evaporation, such as blowing, hand shaking, creating air with an object, etc., are strictly prohibited.) Intended for weak nails. Apply a minimal amount with a wet brush (very thin layers are required). A large quantity of Primer Acid is strictly prohibited. Strictly avoid contact of Primer Acid with the cuticles and skin. Maintain a strict distance of at least two millimeters from the cuticles and skin during primer application.

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