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BEAUTYHOOD.GR takes your personal data protection very seriously. The Privacy Policy referred to herein applies to the access and use of this Website and in particular to the information that any user / visitor may submit and / or make available on the duration of access and use of this site. Please read this Privacy Policy in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions of this site (please note that the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions are referred to as “Terms of Use”).


By accessing and using this site, you agree that any Personal Data you submit or make available to BEAUTYHOOD.GR through this site should be processed under this Privacy Policy. “Personal Information” means any personal information including (without limitation) contact information such as your name, telephone number, email address, IP address, and any other data that may be used to identify you.


If you do not wish to process your Personal Data as described below, please contact the Society to discuss your concerns before submitting or making available Personal Data through this site to BEAUTYHOOD.GR. Details about how to contact the organization about the site’s Privacy Policy are outlined below.


Specific services offered on this site (or accessible via this site) may have additional or alternative terms and conditions that apply, details of which will be provided on the relevant pages of this site or when accessing the relevant services.


Please note that if you are an affiliate or licensed user from BEAUTYHOOD.GR or have a different form of agreement with BEAUTYHOOD.GR, the terms of the license or the agreement with the Society may be related to the use of this site, your communication to / from BEAUTYHOOD.GR and how your data (including your Personal Data) can be used.



When you send an email, use the BEAUTYHOOD.GR website or use the services offered by our Society, you consent to the collection of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the other agreements that exist between us. You acknowledge and agree that the use of the BEAUTYHOOD.GR website or services by you constitutes your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.


Purpose of collecting information

BEAUTYHOOD.GR collects information in the course of its activities in order to:


(a) to carry out its activity and provide services

(b) receive feedback on services

(c) provide access to and content of websites with improved efficiency and functionality. Without this information, our organization may be unable to provide you with its services or to meet your expectations on a lasting basis.


What information we collect


BEAUTYHOOD.GR collects information in 2 key ways:


(a) directly from information you provide to us when:


Use the services available on the Society website

Contact us to request support or ask questions about the Society’s services

Submit your email address and other information to be included in our database

Submit your curriculum vitae

You visit the Society’s website or facilities

b) indirectly, for example, by placing browser cookies or other analysis tools on computers and other devices used by you.

Before or at the time we collect information, we will take reasonable steps to inform you of this collection and to draw your attention to this Privacy Policy (if applicable) of the Society.


How we use your information


You acknowledge and agree that BEAUTYHOOD.GR may use or disclose information about the principal purpose for which it was collected, such as, but not limited to,


For submitting a curriculum vitae

To provide a service you have requested

For your communication with the Society

The information may be shared between the Society and the Associated Organizations and disclosed in a confidential framework to third parties acting as our contractors, agents or suppliers with respect to the main purposes of our cooperation.


We may also use this information for purposes related to the primary purpose of collecting information, as well as in cases where an ordinary person would reasonably expect to use the information in this manner.


Where you provide personal data to us in relation to another person, you warrant that you have the permission to do so and that you will inform that person about our identity, the way we use and disclose his or her data, and that can access that data.


The Society may disclose your information when required by law or when we ought to protect our services. There may be cases in which we will disclose your information to other third parties in order to comply with the law or to comply with a mandatory legal process (such as a search warrant or other court order) and / or to confirm or enforce our compliance with the policies governing our services and to protect the rights, property or safety of the Society or any related organization.


Third party sources

The site or other material of our Society may contain links to sites owned and managed by third parties who may collect personal data concerning you. As soon as you leave the Society’s website, this Privacy Policy is no longer applicable and the Society disclaims all responsibility for the privacy practices applied by such third parties or for the content they provide. You should always review the privacy policies of all third parties with whom you are communicating.



If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or use of the Personal Data you have submitted or made available to you through this site, please contact the Society by email at When sending the email, please indicate in the subject line of your email “BEAUTYHOOD.GR Privacy Policy” to help us answer your question more effectively and promptly.


BEAUTYHOOD.GR will examine your request in accordance with applicable privacy laws and will give you access to a copy of the information it holds about you, allowing you to exercise access rights, objections to automated decision making and profile creation , limitation of their processing, portability, correction or deletion of the above data in accordance with the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 GDPR General Regulation unless:


You can not convince our Society that you have access to the information or

Our Society has the right not to accept or refuse access.

If we deny you access to the information at your request, we will provide a justification for this refusal.



If you have any complaints about our Privacy Policy or the collection, use, or disposal of your personal data, you should address your complaints to email The Society will examine your complaint and try to find a solution. If you are not satisfied with the result of this review, you can request that your complaint be investigated by an independent person or authority.


Use of Your Personal Data

When submitting Personal Data to BEAUTYHOOD.GR using this site, you acknowledge and agree that BEAUTYHOOD.GR may collect, store or process such Personal Data for the following reasons:


Deal with any of the queries submitted by you

Concerning license applications and generally licensing issues.

Register-Record your business or organization at your own request.

With whom they share your Personal Information

When submitting Personal Data via this site, you acknowledge and agree that BEAUTYHOOD.GR may share your Personal Information by:


its record companies, members, other collecting societies, similar agencies and organizations in connection with possible uses of your Personal Data for the reasons outlined in “Using Your Personal Information”.

Third party affiliates, representatives or agents (such as the site hosting company and credit card processors and e-commerce in general) to provide the website, content and services available through or within the Site.

With interested third parties when required by the relevant legislation (as in the case where BEAUTYHOOD.GR is obliged to respond to extrajudicial orders, court orders and legal proceedings). And

with interested third parties when BEAUTYHOOD.GR considers it reasonably necessary to investigate, deter or take action on illegal or inappropriate activities, suspected fraud, potential threats to the rights, property or safety of BEAUTYHOOD.GR, its users / visitors of the site or any actual or suspected violation of the Terms of Use of this site.

Whatever the location of such individuals and entities in the world.


Transport outside the EU

As stated above, in the process of using or exchanging personal data in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy, BEAUTYHOOD.GR may transfer some of your personal data to areas outside the European Economic Area. Please note that legislation in many non-EEA countries is generally not considered to cover at the same level the protection of Personal Data as the laws of the EEA countries (ie laws in these countries are not considered to offer adequate protection of personal data , as provided for in Article 25 of the European Data Protection Directive (95/46 / EC).


By gaining access to the Society’s website or services, you agree and consent to the possible cross-border transmission of information and / or data. Our organization uses or is likely to use third parties such as cloud and Microsoft in the future to store email, databases and systems and Google to provide analysis services. These providers are generally established in Australia, the European Society and / or the European Economic Area and / or the United States of America. BEAUTYHOOD.GR uses reasonable, physical, administrative and technical safeguards to maintain the integrity and security of information that can be used to identify a person, including secured data protection networks and password protection systems access standards that meet standard industry standards.



Cookies refer to small text files that enter your computer from websites you visit. They are often used for reasons such as making a site work more efficiently or providing information to a web site administrator about how its site is used.


BEAUTYHOOD.GR commits to excellent quality in providing services to its licensed users. In this context, we want our site to work effectively for all users / visitors and to deliver the best experience to the user / visitor. For this reason, our site makes limited use of cookies to give us a better picture of how it is used. These data help us further improve the site.


We use the following cookies categories:


Session cookies (temporary cookies) – These cookies remain active only as long as you visit our website.

Persistent cookies (permanent cookies) – These cookies remain active for a longer period or until you delete them. The period they remain in your device depends on the life span of the specific cookie and you browser’s preferences.

Google Analytics These cookies are used to collect information such as the number of unique visitors to the BEAUTYHOOD.GR website, how they have found the site and details about which pages they visit within the site. This is done anonymously and the use of this information by us does not imply / include the collection of any personal information or identification of any user / visitor.

By continuing your visit in this website without deactivating the cookies, you consent to their use.


We recognize that, even when these cookies are used solely for these purposes, some visitors or users of the site may not wish to use them while browsing our site. Therefore, we have taken a number of steps to highlight the use of cookies, and your right to choose whether to use cookies when visiting the BEAUTYHOOD.GR website. At the same time, we have extended this Privacy Policy field to provide a clear and transparent update on how we use cookies, including details of how to delete or activate cookies if you wish.


By continuing to use this site without disabling cookies, you consent to the use of these sites.


How to Delete or Disable Cookies

You can find details on how to delete or disable cookies in: and for information depending on your browser:





Internet Explorer


(Please note that these links are redirects to third-party sites for which BEAUTYHOOD.GR is not responsible)


Use of Non-Personal Data

Please note that BEAUTYHOOD.GR can collect information about you who do not qualify as Personal Data, such as the name of the browser you are using or the name of the website you used to visit the BEAUTYHOOD.GR website. You can not be identified by such data and are used by BEAUTYHOOD.GR as an ancillary tool for providing effective services on this site. This information (together with the Personal Data that has been anonymous and aggregated with other information so that you no longer recognize it) may be provided by BEAUTYHOOD.GR to third parties on an anonymous and centralized basis (ie without personal information that can be used for your identification)



BEAUTYHOOD.GR has taken security measures to protect against loss, unauthorized access, misuse, alteration or improper disclosure of the Personal Data you provide through this site. However, no computer system or information can be fully secure against any possible risk and it is impossible to ensure the security or integrity of the Personal Data you disclose online. Despite the BEAUTYHOOD.GR security measures, you should be aware that when submitting Personal Data to the website via the Internet, this information may be disseminated to other systems that are out of control of BEAUTYHOOD.GR.


Binding Agreement and Modifications to Terms of Use

By agreeing to the Terms of Use commitments, you are joining a legally binding agreement between you and BEAUTYHOOD.GR. BEAUTYHOOD.GR may modify the terms of use at any time and at any time without prior notice to you and without your prior consent. Therefore, you should ensure that the text of this Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions are reviewed regularly to stay informed about such changes. You can always check the “effective date” (at the bottom of this) to see when the Privacy Policy was last updated. By accessing or using the Services, and if such an updated version of the Privacy Policy is posted, you automatically agree to the new practices contained in the update.

We use cookies to offer you the best possible experience on our page. If you continue to use the page, we will assume that you are satisfied with it.