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Brand: WAHL
Professional rechargeable machine that works with or without a cord.Features:Li-Ion battery Motor 6500rpmCutter length 40mmCutter adjustment from 0.8-2.5Includes three premium grids (1.5,3,4.5)..
Ex Tax:169.35€
Brand: WAHL
Wahl Hero 5 Star professional trimmer, excellent in cutting designs, details and finishes...
Ex Tax:84.68€
Brand: WAHL
Technical data: Top blade width 40mm Cutting length 0.4mm Mode of Operation Wired Transmission Professional V5000, 6,000 rpm Operating voltage 230 V, 50 Hz cable 2.4 m Operating time ( battery) Continuous operation Weight 610 g (without cable) Wahl Balding..
Ex Tax:68.55€
Brand: WAHL
Professional trimmer with high performance motor and Li-Ion battery Blade made of special chrome metal mixture Especially efficient and durable Li-Ion battery. Up to 80 minutes of cordless cutting Battery fully recharges in 1 hour Works with or without a cord Extremely slim design Almost silent and ..
Ex Tax:100.81€
Brand: WAHL
Wahl Cordless Taper professional rechargeable clipper, works with or without power. PERFORMANCE Type: Professional rechargeable clipper Motor: DC motor (5500rpm) Mains voltage: 100-240V Battery autonomy: 90 minutes Battery / Charging time: 120 minutes Cutter: Chrome-plated precision cutter set Weigh..
Ex Tax:112.90€
Brand: WAHL
Professional trimmer ideal for details and finishes. PERFORMANCE: Type: Professional trimmer  Very powerful 6800rpm DC motor Lithium-Ion technology battery for 100' autonomous operation  ,60' for a full recharge. Zero overlap cutter adjustable Cutter: Chrome plated precision cutter set Sh..
Ex Tax:145.16€
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