What if it started millennia ago? What if in the past it showed the social status of man and woman? Nowadays manicure is intertwined with women! False!
In today's article we will talk about manicure for men and how this was, is and will be a need of both men and in many places greater than women.
Too many men take office or social work jobs, if we add that the hands are the first thing we consciously and subconsciously observe in a man, you immediately understand the need for cleanliness and care in these areas. Even on dates with your sexual partner, the first thing he inadvertently notices, whether it is the first or the hundredth date, is whether you have clean and well-groomed hands!

And after you have seen how important manicured hands are in both our social and personal lives, let's go see some ways to achieve the perfect result! We start with the tools you will need and these are just three:
1. A nail file. Here you have two options, either a disposable file or a metal file.
2. Moisturizing nail oil.
3. A moisturizing hand cream.
That's it; Of course not, I have to tell you how to use them to have the desired result! Well, once you have these three ingredients and have chosen them carefully so that they are suitable for your own nails and suitable for your skin type, you start. The first step you will take (even if you have never done a manicure before) is for the first and only time to use a nail clipper to shorten your nails enough but not too deep so that the nail disappears completely! Then you take the file and with gentle and calm movements you smooth the tip of the nail, while giving the shape you want.
Tip: once you put the manicure in your weekly routine, you will not use a nail clipper again, because it breaks and destroys the nail. All work will be done only with the file to keep the nails in the desired size and shape.

After the above process is over, you leave the file aside and after you wash and clean your nails from the residues that have been created, you continue with the second product. You take the nail moisturizing oil and after applying the appropriate amount on all the nails of one hand, with the other hand you massage each nail separately, from the root to the tip. Then follow the same procedure for the other hand. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash and dry your hands with a cotton towel.
It's time to apply the moisturizer! It would be good to apply the moisturizer daily so that it can soothe and moisturize your skin properly.
That's it! With these simple three steps you will always have clean and well-groomed hands!
Saw; Manicure does not only mean feminine and difficult things!
Author: Don V